What You Need To Know About The Lynxx 40V Cordless Chainsaw

What You Need To Know About The Lynxx 40V Cordless Chainsaw

For quite some years now, the Harbor Freight company has consistently shown some remarkable prowess on power tool production. This is why the Lynxx cordless chainsaw’s impressive performances, are probably not too surprising. Even as there are quite a number of cordless chainsaws on the market at this time, the Lynxx 40V cordless chainsaw, is unarguably one of the most unique.

The product comes with specifications that makes it the delight of users, and it has in fact become a top contender on the chainsaw market. The Lynxx cordless chainsaw features are a basic pointer to how useful it can be- especially for your small and medium scale landscaping/wood work.

Now, if you had at any time had some bias for battery cordless chainsaws, then don’t be surprised if this one changes the initial perceptions.

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Lynxx 40V Cordless Chainsaw

Specifications and functions of the Lynxx cordless chainsaw

The Lynxx cordless chainsaw is a strong wood work tool, with a 14 inch Oregon bar and chain dimension. Note that it has an average weight of nothing more than 13.40 pounds, and is definitely not the heaviest cordless chainsaw that is yet available. These basic qualities, makes it do just fine on any tree branch that gets in your way- after a heavy downpour. If you have to compare it with some other chainsaw type too, then it’s something good that you wouldn’t need to struggle with refueling and handling a heavier work tool- if you were using a gas chainsaw.

Another important feature on the Lynxx cordless chainsaw, is its 40V 2.5Ah battery addition. You’ll observe that these 40V chainsaws are just appropriate for the now, considering the fact that battery life has always been a major setback for cordless chainsaw products. According to user reviews for this product, the machine’s battery lasts for nothing short of two to three hours, after charge. This is unlike many other cordless chainsaw models, that may not last for more than an hour.

The time frame for charging the machine, is another reason why the Lynxx cordless chainsaw is really well designed. The machine’s estimated charging time, is not expected to exceed an hour. Hence, you don’t need to start charging the device for hours unending, before you can productively make use of it for some hours. The included charger- when you buy this tool, is actually the basic reason for this tendency.

Note that this machine actually comes with a brushless motor, which is a quality that cannot be undermined. With the brushless motor of the Lynxx cordless chainsaw, users can expect the chainsaw to have significantly less noise when the chainsaw is in use. This means that you can always use the chainsaw, without thinking about the banging noise that might cause you a headache.

Asides this, the brushless motor feature is an important one, because it impacts well on the machine durability and overall efficiency. Users of this product generally are spared of the inconveniences associated with removing and replacing worn out brush parts. On another hand, this also means that you can almost store away the machine immediately after use, since you wouldn’t need to wait for several minutes- before it cools.

Furthermore, if you’re familiar with chainsaw precaution and safety measures, then you’ll understand why kickback tendencies must be as minimal as possible. No body wants to suffer serious or even minimal injuries, just because they went out to keep the branches low. To ensure minimal kickback in a chainsaw, the design of the product has to be geared towards achieving this. Fortunately, the Lynxx cordless chainsaw did not fail to come with a low kickback design.

As a way of protecting the machine part from damage, the automatic chain oiled, is another solution that is very much welcomed. Now, if your need of a chainsaw is for yard work landscaping or semi minor tree branch pruning here and there, then this chainsaw could just be your surest option.

Market opinions on the Lynxx cordless chainsaw

Since existing user reviews should ideally form part of the reasons for your buying decisions, it is important we see what the Lynxx cordless chainsaw is capable of- in the light of this.

Although, a number of users still acknowledge the gas powered chainsaws to be a more powerful and efficient tool, the unique position of the Lynxx cordless chainsaw- as a potential match, is not underestimated. In fact, a number of users think the Lynxx cordless chainsaw can be used for some supposed more intense wood work- that would normally have been reserved for the more industrial gas powered chainsaws.

Since the major comparison for this product- so far, has been the gas powered chainsaws, it may not be impossible to see some users switch from the more stressful-to-use gas chainsaws, to this cordless model. However, since the gas powered chainsaws have always retained their relevance as been more efficient and powerful, a Lynxx cordless chainsaw upgrade would really need some useful additions- if it would ever come close.

Another aspect that the Lynxx cordless chainsaw may really need continuous upgrades on, are its battery life. Although the two to three hours lifespan is relatively more significant- when compared to the battery life of other cordless products, users generally want the models that they can use for as long as possible, without worrying too quickly about recharging or refueling. You may find a few users who would still seriously root for this product- if the manufacturer could add extra battery replacement in the sales pack.

If they can also look into providing replacement chains on the market, then people may see more reasons why they can trust and buy the product.

On the overall, the Lynxx cordless chainsaw may not have attained a 100 percent top functionality (such as the type that chainsaw users want), but it also isn’t close to been a bad idea. While professional arborists may not use this product so much, it is one of the best that any beginner or intermediate wood worker should get.

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