Top 5 Chainsaw Repair Tools You Should Know

Top 5 Chainsaw Repair Tools You Should Know

Despite being a durable and long-lasting tool, chainsaws still have their downtime. Sometimes, it’s not even by how much care you pay to keeping it safe. You are going to need to have it repaired every now and then. There are several minor faults that you will be able to repair by yourself. However, you will need to have certain chainsaw chain repair tools if you intend to succeed in this mundane task. You do not want to stall very important tasks simply because you don’t have the right tools to fox simple problems. Hence the need to have a pack of tools in your house at all time. We need to point out at this time that you need to know a thing or two about repairing the chainsaw before attempting it.

We’ve set a goal for ourselves to ensure that you are well prepared for the task ahead. So, we will be dropping a few tips on how to repair your chainsaw in this article.

Of course, this is a comprehensive guide on some of the most important chainsaw repair tools that you should own for starters. We will review each tool, as well as state their specific purposes.

Here, take a look with

Chainsaw chain Sharpening Package

Chainsaw Repair Tools

Like knifes, cutlasses, and every other cutting tools, chainsaw chains get dull after a while of cutting. Chainsaw chains are pretty expensive to repair; hence, most people will want to elongate the usage of their own for as much as possible. Sharpening the chain is the best option for it when it begins to get dull. Thankfully, there are a number of tools designed specially for sharpening chainsaw chains. This package contains a good number of them. Vital items like the teeth guide and the file are top among the items in the package. Every chainsaw owner needs this to keep the chainsaw chain cutting smoothly for a long time.

Chainsaw Chain Breaker

Chainsaw Chain Breaker

The chainsaw chain usually consists of tiny pieces joined by rivets. Once in a while, you will find that some of the chain pieces are being damaged from rusts and other things. This does not mean that the chain should be thrown away. Thankfully, you can change the chain parts or repair them if possible. This tool is used to remove the rivet from the different parts of the chain. If you are going to have your chainsaw functioning well for a long time, then you need this tool in your toolbox.

Chainsaw Chain Spinner

Chainsaw Chain Spinner

After disassembling the damaged part of your chainsaw’s chain, the next thing will be to get it repaired and refixed. This is the point where the chainsaw chain spinner comes into play. You will need the tool to drive the rivet back in after repairing it. The spinner enables you to get the broken links back together, make them tight and consistent again. Hence, minimizing the risk of further breakage and injuries. It is not advisable to go to work without this tool, considering the fact that you can’t tell when the chain will develop issues beforehand.

Other basic tools

Apart from the above mentioned tools, you will also need a few other basic tools in your tools box to have your chainsaw working properly always. Some popular basic tools include:

Screw fasteners

Screw fasteners

Chainsaws consist of several different screws in different parts. You will need to have your chainsaw fixed at one point or the other, but you can’t do that without loosing the screws. This is where the screw fastener comes into play. You need the fastener to loosing and tighten the screws.

Oil Drip

Although relatively unpopular, this is another tool that’s worth owning if you have a chainsaw or work with one. Like most other machines, the chainsaw needs oil to work efficiently. This is one tool needed to get the oil into tight corners. Having one will not only help your chainsaw to work properly, but it will also help keep you on the safe side.

There you have it, some of the tools that you need to own for repairing your chainsaw machine when it begins to develop certain faults. Remember how important safety is. You will need to put your safety and the safety of anyone around your working area into consideration. Several safety tools exist for this purpose. You can check in with your local handyman to find our which safety tools are needed and available.

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