Top 5 Chainsaw Maintenance Tool for Your Needs

Chainsaw Maintenance Tool

For a long time now, chainsaws have become quite popular among wood workers and non-wood workers. These days, people are finding more uses for the already versatile machine both in the woodwork industry and outside it. Owning a chainsaw is one thing. Having it operating well for a long time is another thing. Since chainsaws are pretty expensive, you want to have them working for long. Well, they are machines, and like most other machines, they are susceptible to developing faults once in a while. Certainly, chainsaw faults will slow down your productivity rate.

Whether you are a tree cutter or a wood designer, you need the chainsaw working in optimal condition for your work to go as smoothly as you will love it. Nothing guarantees this level of smoothness than proper maintenance. Experts recommend that proper attention be paid to chainsaw maintenance. Thankfully, maintaining a chainsaw doesn’t cost as much as a lot of people think. Once you have a basic idea of how to go about it, and a few tools at your disposal, you can have the chainsaw working at optimal level for a long time. Different people have different tools for maintaining their chainsaw parts, and the use of each depends on your scope of knowledge about it. In this guide, will review the top chainsaw maintenance tools that chainsaw owner needs to own to get their machines functioning well. Take a look:

Sharpening Tools

Chainsaw Maintenance Tool

This one is a no-brainer. Chainsaws are cutting tools, hence their main function is to cut. As such, they need to remain consistently sharp to function properly. Unfortunately, the chains in chainsaws go blunt like every other sharpening tools. If such ever happens, then a sharpening tool can save you from further delay. Wipe this tool out of your toolbox and take care of him.

Different chainsaw brands make use of their own unique chains. So, it is important to look for sharpening tools that will be compatible with the brand of your chainsaw. You will usually find these in handymen stores.

Combination Wrench

Chainsaw Combination Wrench

This is definitely an important maintenance tool to be owned for routine chainsaw maintenance. While purchasing your maintenance tools, ensure to have a combination range included in it. The most popular functions of these maintenance tools is divided into two, including adjustment of the tension on the chain, and changing of spark plug once in a while. Of course, you know how these processes work and how far they combine to make the chainsaw work long. Hence the need for a combination socket. This tool is basically uses for tying and loosing external nuts and spark plug. With the tool available, you can have these vital problems adjusted before they turn into something extra ordinary.

Professional Tools

Sharpening tools and combination sockets can handle nearly all the work in maintaining a chainsaw. However, there are times when it goes beyond what these tools can do. As much as possible, try to own a few professional tools that you can use to attempt fixing minor and major problems on the go.

A bench mounted chain breaker, for instance always comes in important and handy for maintaining the chainsaw. You will also need to own a rivet spanner. Apart from being able to complete help proper maintenance, most of these tools also help to ensure safety for you throughout the operation.

Cleaning Tools

Chainsaw Cleaning Tools

One of the most important parts of maintaining your chainsaw is keeping it clean. Having dust and other dirt store up in sensitive parts of the chainsaw can translate into minor or major problems. You don’t want this for your chainsaw, and at the same time, you don’t want to damage the chainsaw while cleaning.

Thankfully, there are quite a number of specialized tools and detergents for cleaning the chainsaw. Owning some of them mean that you can get your chainsaw cleaned and repackaged for use at anytime. Hence keeping dusts and other damaging debris away from the machine.

Basic Tools

Apart from the tools mentioned above, there are still a few basic tools that will add value to the process of maintenance. Tools like screw fasteners, brushes, spanners, etc. are all great product to own for routine maintenance of your chainsaw machine.

Stocking your toolbox with basic and major tools is not really the problem. The problem, however, is being able to use them properly to keep your machine going. You need to have basic knowledge of the different maintenance processes to handle them well. This helps for keeping you from running to the mechanic every now and then. Thankfully, there are YouTube videos and podcasts are still available to teach you how to go about your first maintenance journey on chainsaw. Always remember that the performance of your chainsaw determines how far your work can go in each day.  

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