Greenworks 40V Chainsaw review

Greenworks 40V Chainsaw Review

When it comes to chainsaws, there’s no shortage of them on the market. If anything, quite the opposite. You need to think about the size, the power, gas or electric, brand. With so many chainsaws out there, nobody can accuse the chainsaw market of being too small or not having enough to offer.

But today, I want to do what I can to make that decision just a tiny bit easier. I want to talk about one particular chainsaw that you should definitely consider. I’m not asking you to go out and buy this, but what I am asking is that you keep it on your maybe list.

Greenworks 40V Chainsaw Review

About Greenworks

As companies, go Greenworks are actually very new. They were only founded in 2007. Originally an offshoot of Globe Tools Group, they were created with the intention of creating more eco-friendly power tools that worked just as well as their more polluting rivals.

In 2014, they launched their 40V Lithium Ion Battery, which is going to be the subject of the rest of today’s article. This battery would enable their tools to deliver more power than they ever could in the past, whilst still remaining true to their eco-friendly philosophy.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

The chainsaw

Whilst there are different models of their 40V chainsaw, the basic premise stays the same. It’s a green and black chainsaw that can deliver a powerful yet smooth cut, and all of them have an energy efficiency class of at least an A.

Other features that all of the chainsaws include are a chain brake system for increased safety. A tool less tensioner so that you make easy adjustments at the turn of a wheel. Automatic chain lubrication,  ensures that the chain is always running as smoothly as it possibly can do. And all of them are EPA and Energy Star approved.

The battery

But what separates Greenworks from other chainsaws is their 40V lithium Ion battery. Unlik most other companies, the battery that works in their chainsaws will also work in many of their other products.

It’s incredibly easy to install into the devices, as all you have to do is snap it in place, and hey presto! You can get yourself to work.

It charges itself in as little as one hour. And once that hour is up, it has an average battery life of 600 hours. Just incase you’re not aware, that’s an average of 25 days!

Here are a few positive reviews about the chainsaw…

“Couldn’t recommend it highly enough for anyone with a bit of medium heavy cutting to do.”

“I love how it’s quieter, just as powerful, doesn’t need to be started and doesn’t have a carburettor to get a blocked jet which needs cleaning out! I’m very pleased I bought this and you should be too “

“Excellent chainsaw has been sawing through 10-11 inch oak tree trunks with ease.
The battery is capable of supplying the saw with power for 2-3 barrow loads of logs.”

“This a great piece of kit does what it says on the box.
I also have the hedge cutter the battery interchanges and has a lot of power does everything I need.”

And here are some reviews from people who were not so happy…

“The saw works well but if you have a problem with it you can forget the warranty. Mine failed about 13 months into the two year warranty, I contacted the German company and was rebuffed”

“The high hopes I had for this product have been dashed by the poor performance, you would expect a new chainsaw to manage a 2″ branch but suppose I may of just been unlucky with a one off faulty product, shame though!”

The expert take

That’s what other customers are saying. But what exactly are the experts saying?

Well, generally, all of the experts seem to be rather impressed by the performance of this chainsaw. They say that it cuts through the smaller stuff ‘like a hot knife through butter’

And even when moving onto the bigger stuff like a 4″ limb or even a 10″ trunk, this saw cut through them with no effort whatsoever.

They also like the automatic oiler and say that it works well and efficiently.

Other options

However, although you could argue that Greenworks offers the best 40V chainsaw, you cannot argue that they offer the only one.

Swift also offer a chainsaw with the same voltage, however, their version is made from cheap plastic and isn’t as sturdy as Greenworks, but is the same price!

Worx also offer a chainsaw that will give you 40 volts. And in all honesty, the performance is similar. However, the one from Worx is about twice the price of the one from Greenworks! Why pay more for a saw that can do just as good a job?!

Summary and Conclusion

Greenworks is a fairly new company who have the purpose of providing power tools that are a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional gas powered saws but whilst still being able to offer high performance.

One of their models of chainsaw is the one that comes with a 40V lithium Ion Battery. And this particular chainsaw is arguably their best one. It has plenty of features that make is ideal for use for the casual chainsaw user. And the battery that it comes with can be transferred into other Greenworks products.

Both customers and experts agree that this saw is something that every tree chopper needs to consider.

With global warming becoming an increasingly imminent threat, everybody needs to be doing what they can to look after their carbon footprint. However, the fact remains that some of us need trees that need cutting, and we don’t have the time to be doing that with axes. And so, Greenworks is the perfect middle ground for those who have work to do, but also a planet to save!

However, whilst they might work great for casual tree cutters, they might not be too good for proffesional tree surgerons. For such people, a more traditional gas powered chainsaw is likely going to be a better option.