Battery Powered Chainsaw Versus Gas Powered Chainsaw: What You Need to Know

Battery Powered Chainsaw

Both the battery-powered and gas-powered chainsaws, are significantly important in their own way. Although they have their different characteristics and advantages, both chainsaws are still widely used by arborists and loggers everywhere. However, a reason for comparison would usually come up, when you’re trying to see what chainsaw is ideal for the type of work at hand, as well as for the specific intending user.

There are several factors that affects or determine when it is best to use these chainsaws, and the considerations are made based on the way each of them is designed to work.

Why it is important to use the right chainsaw

Sometimes, a non-regular wood worker may not really understand the reasons why they need to be specific in their choice of chainsaw. This is true, since they don’t always seem to have so much wood work to do, or each of their work seem to follows the same pattern.

However, the differences that exists between the battery and gas powered chainsaws, are the basis for a professional wood worker’s choice of one over the other. This is why choosing the right chainsaw, seems more important for the arborist- since he understand how helpful the right chainsaw would be, for the different types of work he has to do.

Knowing what should influence your choice of chainsaw for each work, significantly helps you in terms of user safety, convenience, speed, etcetera. In fact, it would be a good one- if you have both of the chainsaw types, and only choose the most appropriate for each job you have to do.

Differences between battery and gas powered chainsaws

The following are the major areas where there are clear cut differences between the battery and gas powered chainsaws, and you may sometimes use these differences to figure out which of them is most suitable for you

Weight of the chainsaw

This is one of the readily observable differences, between these two types of chainsaw. Gas powered chainsaws come with a heavier power motor, and they consequently feel heavier when you’re handling them. This is however not so with the battery-powered chainsaw, as it is relatively lighter in weight. Now, while this trait may not be an important factor for a professional wood worker’s choice of chainsaw, it could be one of the most influencing ones for an amateur’s choice of chainsaw.

The weight of a chainsaw- as a determinant for what type to buy, has more to do with user convenience than the work output. Also, while it is quite not advisable for the beginner to use a heavier chainsaw type, the intermediate chainsaw user may still use it more conveniently- but this could impact negatively on their speed and how much they’re able to cover.

Power of the chainsaw motor

Of course, every chainsaw machine brand out there, come with their own motor power- as intended or deemed necessary by the manufacturer. However, there is a major difference- that is more like a trend, between gas-powered chainsaws and their battery-powered counterparts.

Usually, gas chainsaws have some higher engine power than those of the best electric chainsaws. What this means is that a gas chainsaw, can possibly do more work than a battery powered one.

This motor power tendencies consequently suggests why the gas-powered chainsaws, are basically more useful for intense woodcutting, while the battery chainsaws are not really so. It also suggest another reason why gas-powered chainsaws are generally a better chainsaw option, for the professional.

Additionally, note that this characteristic difference between the two types, indicates a basic reason why gas powered chainsaws are pricier on the market, than the battery powered ones. This does not however mean that every gas powered chainsaw, is necessarily costlier than the battery powered ones. You would find some battery chainsaws selling for higher prices than the gas powered ones, as there are other factors- such as brand, and relative capacity, which affects or determines price.

Gas Powered Chainsaw

Energy source for the chainsaw

As you already know, battery powered chainsaws require energy obtained from their rechargeable batteries, while gas powered chainsaws make use of fuel and oil mixtures. This fundamental characteristic of both machines, may be a thing to consider when buying your own chainsaw. If this is a major factor for your choice of chainsaw, then you also have to simultaneously consider costs.

Gas powered chainsaws require fuel, which may be relatively cost intensive when compared to what you have to spend on recharging batteries. If reducing the overall cost of using the machine is more germane for you, then it is likely that the battery powered chainsaw is more suitable for you.

However, note that battery powered chainsaws don’t last for any long, before a recharge would be required. This is not so with the gas chainsaws, which would for last for a long time, and for which you don’t need any much time for the refuel process.

Maintenance of the chainsaw

If you have both of the gas powered and battery powered chainsaws, you would have observed the differences in their maintenance requirements. Gas chainsaws expect more from you in terms of routine maintenance, than the battery powered ones does.

The gas chainsaws motor uses fossil fuels, so you have to do checks and maintenances associated with combustion engines. These may include checking for fuel blockages and leakages, etcetera. This is not required in the battery powered chainsaw, and you’re likely to use them for more time, before a servicing or maintenance routine is required.

Generally, the gas chainsaw would have more parts than the battery powered ones, so you should also be prepared to possibly spend some extra butts on replacement. For instance, changing of the gas powered chainsaw’s fuel filter. Don’t forget though, that battery powered chainsaws may require you to check the batteries too- at some point or the other.

Having known some of the basic differences and peculiarities between battery and gas powered chainsaws, any body should be able to go for the ones that fits them more. Both product types have their individual pros and cons, so you should ideally go for the one with relatively lesser disadvantages for you.


Top 5 Chainsaw Maintenance Tool for Your Needs

Chainsaw Maintenance Tool

For a long time now, chainsaws have become quite popular among wood workers and non-wood workers. These days, people are finding more uses for the already versatile machine both in the woodwork industry and outside it. Owning a chainsaw is one thing. Having it operating well for a long time is another thing. Since chainsaws are pretty expensive, you want to have them working for long. Well, they are machines, and like most other machines, they are susceptible to developing faults once in a while. Certainly, chainsaw faults will slow down your productivity rate.

Whether you are a tree cutter or a wood designer, you need the chainsaw working in optimal condition for your work to go as smoothly as you will love it. Nothing guarantees this level of smoothness than proper maintenance. Experts recommend that proper attention be paid to chainsaw maintenance. Thankfully, maintaining a chainsaw doesn’t cost as much as a lot of people think. Once you have a basic idea of how to go about it, and a few tools at your disposal, you can have the chainsaw working at optimal level for a long time. Different people have different tools for maintaining their chainsaw parts, and the use of each depends on your scope of knowledge about it. In this guide, will review the top chainsaw maintenance tools that chainsaw owner needs to own to get their machines functioning well. Take a look:

Sharpening Tools

Chainsaw Maintenance Tool

This one is a no-brainer. Chainsaws are cutting tools, hence their main function is to cut. As such, they need to remain consistently sharp to function properly. Unfortunately, the chains in chainsaws go blunt like every other sharpening tools. If such ever happens, then a sharpening tool can save you from further delay. Wipe this tool out of your toolbox and take care of him.

Different chainsaw brands make use of their own unique chains. So, it is important to look for sharpening tools that will be compatible with the brand of your chainsaw. You will usually find these in handymen stores.

Combination Wrench

Chainsaw Combination Wrench

This is definitely an important maintenance tool to be owned for routine chainsaw maintenance. While purchasing your maintenance tools, ensure to have a combination range included in it. The most popular functions of these maintenance tools is divided into two, including adjustment of the tension on the chain, and changing of spark plug once in a while. Of course, you know how these processes work and how far they combine to make the chainsaw work long. Hence the need for a combination socket. This tool is basically uses for tying and loosing external nuts and spark plug. With the tool available, you can have these vital problems adjusted before they turn into something extra ordinary.

Professional Tools

Sharpening tools and combination sockets can handle nearly all the work in maintaining a chainsaw. However, there are times when it goes beyond what these tools can do. As much as possible, try to own a few professional tools that you can use to attempt fixing minor and major problems on the go.

A bench mounted chain breaker, for instance always comes in important and handy for maintaining the chainsaw. You will also need to own a rivet spanner. Apart from being able to complete help proper maintenance, most of these tools also help to ensure safety for you throughout the operation.

Cleaning Tools

Chainsaw Cleaning Tools

One of the most important parts of maintaining your chainsaw is keeping it clean. Having dust and other dirt store up in sensitive parts of the chainsaw can translate into minor or major problems. You don’t want this for your chainsaw, and at the same time, you don’t want to damage the chainsaw while cleaning.

Thankfully, there are quite a number of specialized tools and detergents for cleaning the chainsaw. Owning some of them mean that you can get your chainsaw cleaned and repackaged for use at anytime. Hence keeping dusts and other damaging debris away from the machine.

Basic Tools

Apart from the tools mentioned above, there are still a few basic tools that will add value to the process of maintenance. Tools like screw fasteners, brushes, spanners, etc. are all great product to own for routine maintenance of your chainsaw machine.

Stocking your toolbox with basic and major tools is not really the problem. The problem, however, is being able to use them properly to keep your machine going. You need to have basic knowledge of the different maintenance processes to handle them well. This helps for keeping you from running to the mechanic every now and then. Thankfully, there are YouTube videos and podcasts are still available to teach you how to go about your first maintenance journey on chainsaw. Always remember that the performance of your chainsaw determines how far your work can go in each day.  

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Top 5 Chainsaw Repair Tools You Should Know

Chainsaw Repair Tools

Despite being a durable and long-lasting tool, chainsaws still have their downtime. Sometimes, it’s not even by how much care you pay to keeping it safe. You are going to need to have it repaired every now and then. There are several minor faults that you will be able to repair by yourself. However, you will need to have certain chainsaw chain repair tools if you intend to succeed in this mundane task. You do not want to stall very important tasks simply because you don’t have the right tools to fox simple problems. Hence the need to have a pack of tools in your house at all time. We need to point out at this time that you need to know a thing or two about repairing the chainsaw before attempting it.

We’ve set a goal for ourselves to ensure that you are well prepared for the task ahead. So, we will be dropping a few tips on how to repair your chainsaw in this article.

Of course, this is a comprehensive guide on some of the most important chainsaw repair tools that you should own for starters. We will review each tool, as well as state their specific purposes.

Here, take a look with

Chainsaw chain Sharpening Package

Chainsaw Repair Tools

Like knifes, cutlasses, and every other cutting tools, chainsaw chains get dull after a while of cutting. Chainsaw chains are pretty expensive to repair; hence, most people will want to elongate the usage of their own for as much as possible. Sharpening the chain is the best option for it when it begins to get dull. Thankfully, there are a number of tools designed specially for sharpening chainsaw chains. This package contains a good number of them. Vital items like the teeth guide and the file are top among the items in the package. Every chainsaw owner needs this to keep the chainsaw chain cutting smoothly for a long time.

Chainsaw Chain Breaker

Chainsaw Chain Breaker

The chainsaw chain usually consists of tiny pieces joined by rivets. Once in a while, you will find that some of the chain pieces are being damaged from rusts and other things. This does not mean that the chain should be thrown away. Thankfully, you can change the chain parts or repair them if possible. This tool is used to remove the rivet from the different parts of the chain. If you are going to have your chainsaw functioning well for a long time, then you need this tool in your toolbox.

Chainsaw Chain Spinner

Chainsaw Chain Spinner

After disassembling the damaged part of your chainsaw’s chain, the next thing will be to get it repaired and refixed. This is the point where the chainsaw chain spinner comes into play. You will need the tool to drive the rivet back in after repairing it. The spinner enables you to get the broken links back together, make them tight and consistent again. Hence, minimizing the risk of further breakage and injuries. It is not advisable to go to work without this tool, considering the fact that you can’t tell when the chain will develop issues beforehand.

Other basic tools

Apart from the above mentioned tools, you will also need a few other basic tools in your tools box to have your chainsaw working properly always. Some popular basic tools include:

Screw fasteners

Screw fasteners

Chainsaws consist of several different screws in different parts. You will need to have your chainsaw fixed at one point or the other, but you can’t do that without loosing the screws. This is where the screw fastener comes into play. You need the fastener to loosing and tighten the screws.

Oil Drip

Although relatively unpopular, this is another tool that’s worth owning if you have a chainsaw or work with one. Like most other machines, the chainsaw needs oil to work efficiently. This is one tool needed to get the oil into tight corners. Having one will not only help your chainsaw to work properly, but it will also help keep you on the safe side.

There you have it, some of the tools that you need to own for repairing your chainsaw machine when it begins to develop certain faults. Remember how important safety is. You will need to put your safety and the safety of anyone around your working area into consideration. Several safety tools exist for this purpose. You can check in with your local handyman to find our which safety tools are needed and available.

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What You Need To Know About The Lynxx 40V Cordless Chainsaw

Lynxx 40V Cordless Chainsaw

For quite some years now, the Harbor Freight company has consistently shown some remarkable prowess on power tool production. This is why the Lynxx cordless chainsaw’s impressive performances, are probably not too surprising. Even as there are quite a number of cordless chainsaws on the market at this time, the Lynxx 40V cordless chainsaw, is unarguably one of the most unique.

The product comes with specifications that makes it the delight of users, and it has in fact become a top contender on the chainsaw market. The Lynxx cordless chainsaw features are a basic pointer to how useful it can be- especially for your small and medium scale landscaping/wood work.

Now, if you had at any time had some bias for battery cordless chainsaws, then don’t be surprised if this one changes the initial perceptions.

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Lynxx 40V Cordless Chainsaw

Specifications and functions of the Lynxx cordless chainsaw

The Lynxx cordless chainsaw is a strong wood work tool, with a 14 inch Oregon bar and chain dimension. Note that it has an average weight of nothing more than 13.40 pounds, and is definitely not the heaviest cordless chainsaw that is yet available. These basic qualities, makes it do just fine on any tree branch that gets in your way- after a heavy downpour. If you have to compare it with some other chainsaw type too, then it’s something good that you wouldn’t need to struggle with refueling and handling a heavier work tool- if you were using a gas chainsaw.

Another important feature on the Lynxx cordless chainsaw, is its 40V 2.5Ah battery addition. You’ll observe that these 40V chainsaws are just appropriate for the now, considering the fact that battery life has always been a major setback for cordless chainsaw products. According to user reviews for this product, the machine’s battery lasts for nothing short of two to three hours, after charge. This is unlike many other cordless chainsaw models, that may not last for more than an hour.

The time frame for charging the machine, is another reason why the Lynxx cordless chainsaw is really well designed. The machine’s estimated charging time, is not expected to exceed an hour. Hence, you don’t need to start charging the device for hours unending, before you can productively make use of it for some hours. The included charger- when you buy this tool, is actually the basic reason for this tendency.

Note that this machine actually comes with a brushless motor, which is a quality that cannot be undermined. With the brushless motor of the Lynxx cordless chainsaw, users can expect the chainsaw to have significantly less noise when the chainsaw is in use. This means that you can always use the chainsaw, without thinking about the banging noise that might cause you a headache.

Asides this, the brushless motor feature is an important one, because it impacts well on the machine durability and overall efficiency. Users of this product generally are spared of the inconveniences associated with removing and replacing worn out brush parts. On another hand, this also means that you can almost store away the machine immediately after use, since you wouldn’t need to wait for several minutes- before it cools.

Furthermore, if you’re familiar with chainsaw precaution and safety measures, then you’ll understand why kickback tendencies must be as minimal as possible. No body wants to suffer serious or even minimal injuries, just because they went out to keep the branches low. To ensure minimal kickback in a chainsaw, the design of the product has to be geared towards achieving this. Fortunately, the Lynxx cordless chainsaw did not fail to come with a low kickback design.

As a way of protecting the machine part from damage, the automatic chain oiled, is another solution that is very much welcomed. Now, if your need of a chainsaw is for yard work landscaping or semi minor tree branch pruning here and there, then this chainsaw could just be your surest option.

Market opinions on the Lynxx cordless chainsaw

Since existing user reviews should ideally form part of the reasons for your buying decisions, it is important we see what the Lynxx cordless chainsaw is capable of- in the light of this.

Although, a number of users still acknowledge the gas powered chainsaws to be a more powerful and efficient tool, the unique position of the Lynxx cordless chainsaw- as a potential match, is not underestimated. In fact, a number of users think the Lynxx cordless chainsaw can be used for some supposed more intense wood work- that would normally have been reserved for the more industrial gas powered chainsaws.

Since the major comparison for this product- so far, has been the gas powered chainsaws, it may not be impossible to see some users switch from the more stressful-to-use gas chainsaws, to this cordless model. However, since the gas powered chainsaws have always retained their relevance as been more efficient and powerful, a Lynxx cordless chainsaw upgrade would really need some useful additions- if it would ever come close.

Another aspect that the Lynxx cordless chainsaw may really need continuous upgrades on, are its battery life. Although the two to three hours lifespan is relatively more significant- when compared to the battery life of other cordless products, users generally want the models that they can use for as long as possible, without worrying too quickly about recharging or refueling. You may find a few users who would still seriously root for this product- if the manufacturer could add extra battery replacement in the sales pack.

If they can also look into providing replacement chains on the market, then people may see more reasons why they can trust and buy the product.

On the overall, the Lynxx cordless chainsaw may not have attained a 100 percent top functionality (such as the type that chainsaw users want), but it also isn’t close to been a bad idea. While professional arborists may not use this product so much, it is one of the best that any beginner or intermediate wood worker should get.


Greenworks 40V Chainsaw review

Greenworks 40V Chainsaw Review

When it comes to chainsaws, there’s no shortage of them on the market. If anything, quite the opposite. You need to think about the size, the power, gas or electric, brand. With so many chainsaws out there, nobody can accuse the chainsaw market of being too small or not having enough to offer.

But today, I want to do what I can to make that decision just a tiny bit easier. I want to talk about one particular chainsaw that you should definitely consider. I’m not asking you to go out and buy this, but what I am asking is that you keep it on your maybe list.

Greenworks 40V Chainsaw Review

About Greenworks

As companies, go Greenworks are actually very new. They were only founded in 2007. Originally an offshoot of Globe Tools Group, they were created with the intention of creating more eco-friendly power tools that worked just as well as their more polluting rivals.

In 2014, they launched their 40V Lithium Ion Battery, which is going to be the subject of the rest of today’s article. This battery would enable their tools to deliver more power than they ever could in the past, whilst still remaining true to their eco-friendly philosophy.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

The chainsaw

Whilst there are different models of their 40V chainsaw, the basic premise stays the same. It’s a green and black chainsaw that can deliver a powerful yet smooth cut, and all of them have an energy efficiency class of at least an A.

Other features that all of the chainsaws include are a chain brake system for increased safety. A tool less tensioner so that you make easy adjustments at the turn of a wheel. Automatic chain lubrication,  ensures that the chain is always running as smoothly as it possibly can do. And all of them are EPA and Energy Star approved.

The battery

But what separates Greenworks from other chainsaws is their 40V lithium Ion battery. Unlik most other companies, the battery that works in their chainsaws will also work in many of their other products.

It’s incredibly easy to install into the devices, as all you have to do is snap it in place, and hey presto! You can get yourself to work.

It charges itself in as little as one hour. And once that hour is up, it has an average battery life of 600 hours. Just incase you’re not aware, that’s an average of 25 days!

Here are a few positive reviews about the chainsaw…

“Couldn’t recommend it highly enough for anyone with a bit of medium heavy cutting to do.”

“I love how it’s quieter, just as powerful, doesn’t need to be started and doesn’t have a carburettor to get a blocked jet which needs cleaning out! I’m very pleased I bought this and you should be too “

“Excellent chainsaw has been sawing through 10-11 inch oak tree trunks with ease.
The battery is capable of supplying the saw with power for 2-3 barrow loads of logs.”

“This a great piece of kit does what it says on the box.
I also have the hedge cutter the battery interchanges and has a lot of power does everything I need.”

And here are some reviews from people who were not so happy…

“The saw works well but if you have a problem with it you can forget the warranty. Mine failed about 13 months into the two year warranty, I contacted the German company and was rebuffed”

“The high hopes I had for this product have been dashed by the poor performance, you would expect a new chainsaw to manage a 2″ branch but suppose I may of just been unlucky with a one off faulty product, shame though!”

The expert take

That’s what other customers are saying. But what exactly are the experts saying?

Well, generally, all of the experts seem to be rather impressed by the performance of this chainsaw. They say that it cuts through the smaller stuff ‘like a hot knife through butter’

And even when moving onto the bigger stuff like a 4″ limb or even a 10″ trunk, this saw cut through them with no effort whatsoever.

They also like the automatic oiler and say that it works well and efficiently.

Other options

However, although you could argue that Greenworks offers the best 40V chainsaw, you cannot argue that they offer the only one.

Swift also offer a chainsaw with the same voltage, however, their version is made from cheap plastic and isn’t as sturdy as Greenworks, but is the same price!

Worx also offer a chainsaw that will give you 40 volts. And in all honesty, the performance is similar. However, the one from Worx is about twice the price of the one from Greenworks! Why pay more for a saw that can do just as good a job?!

Summary and Conclusion

Greenworks is a fairly new company who have the purpose of providing power tools that are a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional gas powered saws but whilst still being able to offer high performance.

One of their models of chainsaw is the one that comes with a 40V lithium Ion Battery. And this particular chainsaw is arguably their best one. It has plenty of features that make is ideal for use for the casual chainsaw user. And the battery that it comes with can be transferred into other Greenworks products.

Both customers and experts agree that this saw is something that every tree chopper needs to consider.

With global warming becoming an increasingly imminent threat, everybody needs to be doing what they can to look after their carbon footprint. However, the fact remains that some of us need trees that need cutting, and we don’t have the time to be doing that with axes. And so, Greenworks is the perfect middle ground for those who have work to do, but also a planet to save!

However, whilst they might work great for casual tree cutters, they might not be too good for proffesional tree surgerons. For such people, a more traditional gas powered chainsaw is likely going to be a better option.